About Me

I became a teacher in 2003 after realizing that I wanted to connect with kids. Since my first year of teaching, I have found that teaching is much more than just connecting with kids. It is about connecting with others; students, colleagues, parents, and community members. We want to connect because humans crave relationships and relationships make it possible for us to thrive.  Technology enhances that connectivity. Whether through social media or any other communication tool, we become better when we connect with others.

In 2011, I was interviewed about how I facilitate transformation in my school. I was quoted by saying, "I believe in transforming the next generation. I believe in 21st-century education and I believe that technology will help take us there. And I believe that I have a responsibility to take teachers and students into the 21st century and prepare our students for the unknown." Today, those words are as true as ever.

Thanks for visiting and learning a little bit more about me.

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